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Your one-stop-source for all of your tree service needs. Always delivering professionalism and superior customer service. 
Each residential project is unique and requires a different approach. Tree Tech offers a variety of tree services with a variety of equipment to properly and safely ensure the success of each project. Going above and beyond to protect and make certain no damage is done to each and every customer's property, is top priority at Tree Tech.  
Tree Removal, Pruning, and Stump Removal

Tree Tech removes both large and small trees. Specializing in technical removals in tight spaces, to problematic trees over houses, power lines, and structures, growing through decks and other challenging situations where advanced rigging and expertise are needed to ensure safe removal with zero damage to customers' property. 

Emergency Storm Damage

Tree Tech has specialization with storm damage projects - of all sizes: 

  • Fallen trees on houses and structures

  • Uprooted trees

  • Broken limbs, dangerously hanging in trees, waiting to fall at any moment

  • Storm damage clean-up

Additional Skilled Services

Some of Tree Tech's additional services include:

  • Tree Cabling to protect or improve the structural integrity of trees

  • Hedge and shrub trimming 

  • Land/Lot Clearing

  • Bucket Truck Services

  • Bobcat Services 

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